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Fall, 2014 - An anonymous call came in to the Old Allen Station about 8:45 p.m. Tuesday, October 21, 2014. The caller reported he could see two men in the back yard of a house on Millington Road and they appeared to be taking apart an outside air conditioning unit in the dark. The “prowler alert” was dispatched to Officer Kaiser of the Memphis Police Department.


 Kaiser arrived minutes later and observed the two men bent over the unit with parts lying on the ground. As the men fled the officer broadcast the event and a perimeter quickly was set up. With the help of Canine Unit K-23 — Officer Morrow and his dog Quattro — two suspects were captured. Deputy Chief Michael Rallings arrived and advised Lt. Newson of the MPD Economic Crimes, as it appeared the men were taking apart the AC to get at the copper. The suspects were transported to the Economic Crimes office. The owner of the rental home arrived at the house. He valued the new AC unit at approximately $20,000.


Rallings said this incident ended in a “good arrest.” The site was photographed and processed for prosecution.



Summer, 2014 - A thief (or thieves) struck an apartment building at 2116 Howell St., a complex owned by J.D. Marks Realtors. Meter boxes were broken open, and copper wire  stripped from the meters, meter sockets and electrical panels to each apartment. Most of the receptacles were damaged in the process. The copper wiring was worth approximately $150-$200 if sold to a scrap metal dealer.


When the theft occurred JD Marks asked an electrician for an estimate to repair damages.  July 25, they received an estimate for $21,225 to rewire the meters, repair/replace meter sockets and restore the electric panels.



This home attacked by copperheads in the midst of a full renovation, causing the owner of the house tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

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