CopperStoppers is a program created by CrimeStoppers of Memphis and

Shelby County, in collaboration with merchants and business

associations, to fight the theft and illegal sales, purchases and

transportation out of town of copper and other scrap metals.


Copper stripped by thieves from wiring, appliances, plumbing or

electrical boxes may bring hundreds of dollars when sold to scrap

metal buyers, but the removal often results in tens of thousnds

of dollars in damages to homes, apartments, churches, utilities

and other facilities.  Call CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH (2274) for

special CopperStoppers awards. Up to $1,000 is available for

information leading to arrests.


Help stop the criminals - we call them "copperheads" - from

hurting homeowners and merchants and from causing

economic harm to our community.




n. any venomous critter who takes, sells, transports or buys

stolen metal.

How it Harms


Here’s how copper and scrap metal thieves — and the illegal buyers and sellers who deal with them — are stealing our city’s economic future:


Homes — Ripped apart.

Appliances — Ruined or stolen.

Investors — Scared away.

Tax Base — Greatly reduced.

Homeowners — Dreams ended.

Blight — Growing worse.


For all these reasons, the whole community must work together to stop the thieves — the copperheads.



If YOU know or suspect there is copper theft happening in your neighborhood, call 528-CASH now.

600 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 451

Memphis, TN 38105

24-HOUR TIP LINE: 901-528-CASH

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